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Licensing of Broadcasters

What are the benefits of becoming a RAV Member?

We can ensure that you receive payment when your music videos are used by broadcasters or within the public performance sector.

Companies that wish to use music videos prefer to deal with a central organisation, such as RAV, rather than having to contact each copyright owner individually.

How does RAV work out who to pay?

The licence fees that RAV collects from users of music videos are distributed back to member companies.

These distributions are made on the basis of the actual usage of each video. RAV's licensees provide reports which detail every time they use our members' music videos. We then use these reports to calculate the payment due to each member.

For information, RAV membership is free – and the licence fee income we collect from licensees is paid out to our members after the deduction of administration costs.

How do I register my videos with RAV?

It is vital that you register all music videos you wish RAV to licence on your behalf with us. Once you have joined RiSA you will be allocated a username and password to access the online music video database system. Here you capture the music videos that you own and / or control and this will ensure that RAV has an updated database of its members' repertoire.

If you do not have access to internet you can complete the Notification of Videogram form and we will ensure that your music videos are captured onto the music video database.

I have an ISRC code and I am also registered with RiSA, does that mean I am automatically a RAV member?

You still have to apply for RiSA Audio Visual Licensing (RAV) membership.

Does RAV collect from Youtube and similar Platforms?

Kindly note that RAV is constantly engaging with music video users in making sure that our members are compensated for their assets. Currently RAV is collecting from Commercial Broadcasters.

May I make use of a music subscription service as background music in my business?

Music content aggregators and/or streaming services providers are licensed by content owners to supply such licensed content to their subscribers for personal, private and non-commercial use only. Kindly visit your content provider’s website and review the terms of service. Similarly the playing of music videos in public and/or making the soundtrack audible in public is prohibited and requires licensing from RAV.