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Licensing of Broadcasters

Dubbing license for radio and television broadcasters

Section 12(5)(a) of the Copyright Act 98 of 1978 provides an exemption to broadcasters and permits for the production of what is known as “ephemeral copies”. These are reproductions of copyrighted works, made by the broadcaster, by means of its own facilities, where the reproductions or any copy thereof is intended exclusively for lawful broadcasts of the broadcaster and is destroyed BEFORE the expiration of a period of six months immediately following the making of such reproduction. To keep the reproductions longer than 6 months, radio and television broadcasters require a license from RAV.

Dubbing license for television programmes

Producers of television content and television broadcasters require a license to synchronise sound recordings with moving pictures. For example, a DJ that is recorded and broadcast playing a set or a participant in a live show lip-syncing to a popular tune, or sound recordings playing in the background of a television programme. This type of usage requires a license unless the broadcaster, relying on ephemeral exception, destroys the reproduced programme before the expiration of a period of six months from the date of such reproduction.